Our Stock: 13456
Serial: PRO18347
Caliber: .375 H+H Mag and 300 Win Mag
Barrel Length: 22 1/2 + 24 1/2
Weight: N/A
Butt: Factory Pad
Metal Condition: Near Mint
Wood Condition: Near Mint
Bore Condition: Near Mint
Extras: Extras: This ultra-rare rifle has grade 4 or 5 gorgeous wood and a steel receiver. This gun is extremely scarce. The heavy selous barrel sells for $2,800 alone. This gun has 2 barrels of 22 1/2 + 24 1/2 inches. Two different calibers of 375 H&H and 300 Win Mag. The case has all the accouterments necessary to maintain this fine firearm. It has been test fired only. This gun should be part of your collection.
Price: $8,250.00 Reduced: $7,200.00