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Models of Grulla Armas Shotguns:

Churchill Purdey Holland
Celtic Supreme Windsor Consort
209H 215 216 216RB

Grulla Armas of Spain has been producing fine double shotguns for over eighty years and is recognized throughout the world for their excellent workmanship. We are proud to carry excellent double shotguns from Grulla Armas Shotguns. 

Grulla shotguns are truly a work of art, and painstakingly crafted into a shotgun you will proudly own and should anticipate it to increase in value over the coming years.  The workmanship in their engraving, wood to metal fit and finish, and quality of materials they incorporate in all their guns is remarkable.

Lion Country Supply has been selling Grulla for many years and is proud to offer their most desired models, The 216 family of quality sidelock side by sides, and we continue to offer the best prices in the USA.  If you have any questions please contact us at 800-662-5202 or

Call our Gun Room to check on our current inventory of Grulla guns, or call to see about special ordering!