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Franchi is a leader in modern firearm manufacturing techniques, and has perfected the art of building double-barrel and auto-loader shotguns.

The skill and craftsmanship that are the hallmarks of Franchi guns date back to 1868. Franchi began manufacturing firearms in the historic city of Brescia, in Italy’s industrial heartland. Franchi’s expertise has been built on more than one hundred years of craftsmanship and unique metalworking skills, all evident in the new Franchi products being made today.

Franchi has historically assumed a major role in the gunmaking industry in perfecting innovative product lines through the use of new materials, cutting-edge technology and innovative manufacturing methods. Providing new products that meet emerging needs is a philosophy that has driven the company from the beginning. Franchi has embraced this concept from the time of its earliest patented designs and operating systems. Today’s Franchi shotguns incorporate innovative features protected by new patents, and embody improvements on original designs without sacrificing style or performance.
Franchi’s commitment to innovation has most recently resulted in the creation of unique, multi-barreled sets of over & under shotguns, and an amazingly simple, reliable, gas-operated auto-loader. The Inertia Driven® System drives the latest generation of Franchi auto-loader shotguns.

Franchi quality products meet today’s demanding standards without compromising the original ideas that make Franchi firearms unique. Franchi firearms are built on a foundation of excellent, enduring quality and a well-established tradition of gun craftsmanship.

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