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Stoeger Shotguns like the Stoeger Coach Gun have represented fine firearms for the better part of a century. Now, as then, Stoeger presents products for the hunter and shooter, designed for every occasion. The company provides a complete line-up of shotguns of every variety and gauge: double barrel over & unders, side-by-sides, semi-autos, and pump-actions

It all began in 1923, when Austrian immigrant Alexander F. Stoeger issued a price list from his New York City shop. In it, he announced that he was the “sole authorized importer for the United States and Canada of the genuine Mauser and Luger Arms and Ammunition.” German Luger pistols were among the first firearms Stoeger sold.

The next year, Stoeger issued his first catalog. And by 1931, the Stoeger catalog proclaimed the company to be “the only exclusive gun house in America”. In the 1990s, the Stoeger company was purchased by Finnish rifle manufacturer Sako. In 2000, Sako was acquired by Beretta Holding S.p.A. At that time, Stoeger Industries was placed under the ownership of Benelli USA, where it remains today as a member of the Benelli USA family of companies.

The technology and expertise of Benelli USA are integral to Stoeger’s manufacturing processes. And all Stoeger products enjoy a solid reputation for affordable quality.