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Omega Steel

Diamond Deluxe


Hunting is one of the oldest cultural and social aspects of man.

Hunting requires a high level of ability, knowledge, information, and perfection,
only he who really knows this profession will become a hunter who is aware of his responsibility.
For this, it is extremely important to permanently better the professional capacity and responsiveness of the tools, an assiduous verification of marksmanship, and a careful analysis of the equipment both in their functionality and in their adequacy to the various disciplines.

Their Process:

  • Mechanical Production
    • All components are machined on the latest state-of-the-art CNC machines and a well-equipped metrological room allows measurement and tolerance control.
  • Bar Processing
    • The production cycle of barrels starts from steel bars that have been made according to the standards set out by the specifications given by the University of Mechanical Engineering in Brescia.
  • Stock and Forend Production
    • The origin of a stock starts, therefore, from pulling down the tree. This is a slow and tedious job because the tree is literally eradicated from the ground with its roots and then sectioned into planks.
BETTINSOLI’S shotguns represent the best compromise between the ancient tradition of gun makers in Gardone Val Trompia to the modern technology provided by CNC machinery. The selection of excellent raw materials and state-of-the-art surface treatments, as well as the precision in the final assembly, enable BETTINSOLI to offer a product where value for money is really unbeatable.

Before launching new models on the market, our guns have to undergo very strict tests both in the factory and in the Gardone V.T. National Proof House. No gun whatsoever will pass if it does not fully meet the requirements enforced by the law plus the quality demands, performance, and reliability that are preset by our company. When each gun is put into production, it is subject to many visual checks and dimensional measurements. Additionally, several guns are subject to tests such as excess pressure and obstruction to guarantee sturdiness and reliability. All our guns are subject to a forced test at 1370 Bar and, on request, our National Proof House in Gardone V.T. will perform a forced test with steel shot cartridges to test the functioning and the endurance of the materials used. Therefore, at the customer’s request, we can provide a formal certificate of this test.

The barrels, made from chromium-molybdenum steel, are drilled and reamed with special geometry to guarantee maximum elasticity and excellent ballistic performance. Furthermore, on some models, the barrels are reamed in a particular way with a long forcing cone between the cartridge chamber and the barrel bore, called DualCon that, added to the particular shape of the bore of the barrel, allows the shot from the fired cartridges to adopt a superior velocity and guarantees a considerable reduction in recoil. For super light models, the special “Woodcock” version barrels are available from 60cm Rayè: meaning barrels that have the top barrel with Interchangeable Chokes and the lower barrel is entirely rifled (the helical radius favors a wide and homogeneous distribution of shot from the first 7-10 meters). The over and under barrels are supplied with Steel Shot specifics allowing the use of steel shot-loaded cartridges.

The firing mechanism has been studied to enable fast and safe shots, the single trigger is selective and can be both inertial or mechanical. The hammers and sears offer a second cocking position that intervenes in case the first position is damaged, a safety advantage. The same is operated by regulator coil springs with a rebound. In this way, after firing, the firing pins never protrude from the breech face guaranteeing safety and favoring a smooth opening of the barrels after firing. The hinge pins are interchangeable and the large surface locking bites contribute to the resistance and durability of the gun in years to come.

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