American Tactical Inc.

Shotguns Available:


“American Tactical is a firearms manufacturer and importer based out of Summerville, SC. We pride ourselves on distributing firearms at a competitive price while still manufacturing them in the USA. Not only are our prices competitive, the products that we distribute are of the highest quality. American Tactical Inc. is your domestic representative of shooting sports and defense products.

In addition to the products we make here in the United States, we also work closely with several gun manufacturers around the world who we import products from. These manufacturers reside in countries such as Germany, Italy, and Turkey. We pride ourselves on importing the highest quality firearms, ammunition, and magazines to complement the products we make in Summerville, South Carolina.

To purchase our firearms, ammunition, or accessories, please visit your local dealer. Due to the nature of our products, availability and allocation fluctuates regularly. Please contact one of our dealers for current product availability.”

– American Tactical Inc.