Syren Elos Venti

Syren Elos Venti Doubleshotguns
If you want one shotgun that is as appropriate in the field as it is in the gun club, the Syren Elos is the perfect companion. It’s trim round body action and sleek lines enhance its fast pointing characteristics, while light weight makes it easy to carry during long days afield. The full pistol grip stock and performance features make it just as effective on the sporting clays course. A perfectly balanced combination of features allows the Syren Elos to excel as an all-around shotgun.

This action is embellished with a delicate scroll engraving featuring a classic floral bouquet in gold. The stock dimensions have been tailored specifically for the female hunter and shooter. To further enhance the beauty of the wood we have applied our proprietary Triwood™ finish.

Model Syren Elos Venti Syren Elos Venti
Gauge 20 28
Barrle Tribore HP Tribore HP>/td>
Barrel Length 28″ 28″
Avg. Weight** 6lbs 10 oz. 6lbs 10 oz.
Action Finish Titanium Silver Titanium Silver
Stock Finish Triwood Triwood
Length of Pull 13.875″ 13.875″
Chokes 5 INNER HP Choke Tubes 5 INNER HP Choke Tubes
Warranty 5 years 5 years

**Weights may vary based on wood density.