Benelli – Supersport

The Benelli SuperSport is the ultimate choice for a fast 12-gauge shotgun or 20-gauge shotgun for sporting clays. These two Benelli shotguns are truly “speed guns.” The SuperSport’s ComforTech™ recoil-dampening system allows the shooter to recover for the critical second shot up to 69% faster than with other comparable shotguns! Couple the quick recovery speed with a ported barrel that keeps muzzle climb to a minimum and it’s doubly fast. And the ComforTech™ system’s special gel recoil pad and comb insert reduce felt recoil by up to 48% compared to the competition.  When one clay often separates the winners from the losers, the SuperSport its superior reliability, faster recovery time, lower recoil and denser shot patterns, are almost like having an unfair advantage.
SuperSport Carbon Fiber Finish
Benelli SuperSport Carbon Fiber Finish Shotgun

SuperSport Hand Option

 Gauge  Stock  Barrel Length
 Chokes  Chamber  Weight
 12  Carbon Fiber  28″  5 – C, IC, M, IM, F  3″  7.2 lbs.
 12  Carbon Fiber  30″  5 – C, IC, M, IM, F  3″  7.3 lbs.
 20  Carbon Fiber  28″  5 – C, IC, M, IM, F  3″  6.3 lbs.

SuperSport Specifications

  • ComfotTech Recoil Reduction System (synthetic models only)
  • ComforTech Gel Recoil Pads and Comb Pads  (Three LOP options 14 ½, 14”and 14 3/8” Optional)
  • Inertia Driven Operating System
  • Shim Kit included to adjust Drop and Cast
  • Crio Treated Ported Barrel for more uniform patterns
  • Extended Crio Choke Tubes
  • Finishes Available: Carbon Fiber or A-Grade Satin Walnut
  • 5 Choke Tubes and Wrench Included
  • Available in 12 and 20 Gauge
  • Fitted Hard Case Included

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