CARRERA ONE – Over Under Shotgun

The new F.A.I.R. Carrera over-and-under shotguns are the result of extensive research, and designed for the most discerning competition shooter. The new Magnum 12-gauge over-and-under features barrels made of UM / 8 – HD40 steel, with the proprietary X-Cones system. The barrels are chrome-lined to guarantee maximum resistance to wear, while the external surfaces feature a deep bluing, and a soft recoil-damping cone connects the barrel to the chamber. It also features the interchangeable Technichoke system, automatic ejectors, a finely checkered rib that reduces glare, and The tri-alloyed steel action has a polished blued finish with gold engraving.


 Model  Gauge  Chamber
 Barrel  Chokes  System  Stock  Weight LB  Packaging
 CARRERA ONE  12  3″  30  TC XP70 5  EJ-MSX  14.5″  7.9  V500SP