ISIDE – Side By Side Shotgun

A great designer once said that perfect operational engineering is often surprisingly beautiful as well. During its public debut, connoisseurs and authorities alike commented immediately on the pleasant lightness and delicate balance of the Iside shotgun, yet noted the feeling of strength and mechanical brawn hidden beneath the smooth lines of its round-body receiver.

Featuring all steel construction and chopper-lump barrels, the heart of every Iside shotgun exemplifies pure yet robust elegance. From this base emerge options of 12, 16, 20, 28 gauge, and 410 bore, side plates, color case hardening, engravings and inlays, extractors or ejectors, single or double triggers, and a variety of wood grades from visually pleasing to breathtaking. Represented in wood and steel, Egyptian goddess Iside returns…

ISIDE Options

 Model  Gauge  Chamber
 Barrel  Chokes  System  Stock  Weight LB  Packaging
 ISIDE  12,20  3″  26 3/4, 28″,30″  TC XP50 3  EXT-MS  14.5″  6.393398 / 5.952474  V400SP
 ISIDE  16,28, 410  2 3/4″, 3″(410 ONLY)  26 3/4, 28″,30″  TC XP50 3  EXT-MS  14.5″  6.393398 / 5.51155  V400SP