Syren Elos Venti Light

Syren Elos Venti Doubleshotguns
A crisp fall morning with the light shimmering off the brilliantly colored foliage, the comfortable feeling of well -worn hunting boots, the faint smell of distant wood smoke mixing with the early aroma of wet leaves, a roar of beating wings accompanied by a feathery flash of motion, the smiles of laughter of your closest hunting companions, the feel of a sleek responsive shotgun that is as light as it is beautiful. This is what draws us back to the upland fields and coveys every fall. The Syren Elos Light is the perfect companion for the precious hours spent in the field.

At just 6lbs it is effortless to carry and dynamic in the way it handles. Full coverage engraving with gold inlays and Triwood™ stock make the Elos Light pleasent to look at as it is to carry.

Model Syren Elos Venti Light Syren Elos Venti Light
Gauge 20 28
Barrle Tribore HP Tribore HP
Barrel Length 28″ 28″
Avg. Weight** 5lbs 11 oz. 5lbs 11 oz.
Action Finish Nickle Nickle
Stock Turkish Walnut Turkish Walnut
Stock Finish Triwood Triwood
Length of Pull 13.875″ 13.875″
Chokes 5 INNER HP Choke Tubes 5 INNER HP Choke Tubes
Warranty 5 years 5 years

**Weights may vary based on wood density.