Winchester Parker Reproduction DHE GUN12877

Gun is Sold

Our Stock: 12877 (SOLD)
Serial: 20-903
Gauge: 20GA
Barrel Length: 26″
Chokes: IC Mod
Chambers: 2 3/4″
Weight: 6.50lbs.
Trigger: Double
Stock: English
Fore End: Splinter
Butt: Skeletal
Metal Condition: Excellent
Wood Condition: Excellent
Bore Condition: Excellent
Extras: LOP 14 1/4″ DAC 1 1/2″ 2 1/4″ CAST: Neutral With Original Case & Cover, Has Retained Nice Colors, One small Mark on Stock on Off-side comb, With Blank Gold Oval. Gun is Tight W. Top Lever slightly to the right, With Ejectors, and Parker Repro. Snap Caps included, but does not work very well. Set of Galazan Nickel Snap Caps included as a working second set.
Price:$3,895 (SOLD)

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