Winchester SX3 Sporting GUN15081

Our Stock: 15081
Serial #: 11HZV12247
Gauge: 12GA.
Barrel Length: 28″
Chokes: SK / IC / M / IM / LF
Chambers: 2 3/4″
Weight: 7.55lbs.
Trigger: Single
Stock: Pistol Grip
Fore End: Round
Butt: Factory Rubber
Metal Condition: Very Good
Wood Condition: N/A
Bore Condition: Excellent
Ejector Or Non-EJ:
Extras: This gun is in great shape. Comes with the original case shims + LOP spacers. Multiple fiber optics for the sight. Has the red Briley Bolt handle, release button and magazine cap weight system. Ported barrel. Has one little scratch on the left side of the receiver (see photos). | LOP: 14″ DAC: 1 3/4″ DAH: 2″ CAST: Neutral
Price: $950.00 | REDUCED: $895.00