Ugartechea – Grade I – 16ga (2)

I picked up the Grade I .16 gauge a week ago Friday. The wood is much nicer and darker than what appeared in your photos. I rubbed the stock and fore end with a light coat of mineral oil and it really gave the grain a lot of depth. If someone had told me it was a Grade IV stock I would have believed them due to all the figuring of the wood. Also the the pad looks great. I personally think it gives the gun a more refined and finished look over the plain checkered butt stock. Overall I think it is an excellent, light, and well-balanced field gun, especially for the money. I had an opportunity to hunt with the gun this past Saturday, and I killed my first bird with my first shot from my new shotgun. What more can I say?

In closing, thank you for your great service. From your selecting just the right gun for me, to arranging for the installation of the pad, to shipping, I could not have been more pleased with your efforts and service; they were first class. Also, thanks so much for the follow-up phone call. Not too many retailers follow-up after the sale to make sure the customer is satisfied. Again thanks for all your help. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Please feel free to share this with prospective customers.