Ugartechea – Grade I – 28ga

mclemoreHey John,

You all are more than welcome to use those photos for whatever. Again thanks for running such a great company! I wish I could afford a grade 4 Ugartechea right now… hopefully in the future! Anyway, I hunt birds here in southern Utah which consist of gamble’s quail, chukar partridge, dusky (blue) grouse, and pheasant. The dog in the picture with the grouse is a 4 year old German Shorthair and his name is Hoss. The dog with the quail and chukar is an English Pointer named Reck and she will be two this August and she is already a machine. I recently ordered a swiss bell from LCS to use this Fall for the grouse hunting in the black timber. She wont wear a bell that flops against her neck like the one Hoss is wearing in the picture. All the birds my dogs and I hunt are wild and on public land, and if you put in the miles hiking, there are plenty of opportunities. I decided a couple years ago that lugging around the 12 gauge was getting old, even though I am a “younger” guy. I got online to see what the best gun for me would be and I came across your website and immediately knew I wanted a Ugartechea in the 28 gauge. I purchased a grade 1 and two cases of fiocchi golden pheasant in 7.5 shot from LCS. I then added a recoil pad to increase the length of pull, and used some tru-oil to finish the wood. Boy do I love that gun and I seem to shoot it very well! I have made many shots where I swear I didn’t even think about aiming, it was like the gun knew what I was thinking and made it happen! The golden pheasant loads are wonderful as well! I even harvested four wild roosters last year with the 28 gauge and it was just as effective as the guys hunting with me who were using 12 gauges. I can’t wait to give the ultralight a try this year, but it will be hard to not use my Ugartechea… The reason I bought the ultralight 20 was to have a more versatile gun with choke tubes, that was still super light for all the walking I do. I also hunt turkeys, coyotes, and foxes. I use #4 buckshot for the coyotes and foxes because where I call them in the foliage is thick and the shots are very close. I think the ultralight 20 will work well! Thanks again for all your help!

Tyler McLemore